Holgate Local Schools

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For the 2023-2024 school year, the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (NwOESC) will be operating a preschool classroom housed at Holgate School to provide preschool opportunities for students with disabilities ages 3 – 5 years as well as typical peers ages 3-5 residing in the district.

The program will operate one session on Tuesday/Thursday and another session on Wednesday/Friday – both full days corresponding to Holgate School hours.

Additional Information regarding Typical Peers:

Typical peers are young children who possess strong skills in developmental areas such as language skills, motor functioning, social skills, pre-academic readiness, and cognition.

In order for a child to be a typical peer in one of our programs, he/she must be screened to determine skill levels in the above areas. Please fill out the application below and mail it to the NwOESC at the address below.

State laws limit the number of typical peers that can be accepted into our programs. In order to make the selection of typical peers fair, a random selection is conducted of all interested applicants who exhibited strong skills in all areas of development. Preference is given to families/children residing within the Holgate School District. The selection is conducted prior to the start of the upcoming school year. Applicants are notified of the outcome of the selection. If typical peer slots remain open in a program, the program coordinator has the option of filling the slots throughout the school year.

If interested in being considered for a typical peer position for the upcoming school year, please contact, NwOESC Preschool, at 567-444-4818.