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Holgate Local Schools Cafeteria Information
Holgate Local Schools would like to welcome you and your family to our Cafeteria.  Below is information you and your student can use to make your cafeteria experience better.
A menu is provided each month through the school website.  These menus are also posted in the cafeteria.  
Meal Prices 
Pre School – 12 Breakfast                  $1.60   
Preschool – 5th grade Lunch               $2.70
6th grade – 8th grade Lunch                 $2.75
9th grade – 12th grade Lunch              $2.80
Reduced Breakfast                           $ .30 
Reduced Lunch                                 $ .40
Payments can be made online to your student’s meal account.  You can receive automated notification via-emails or text message, when your student’s balance falls below an amount you have set.  To create an account go to www.holgateschools.org and click to K12PaymentCenter and click “Register Now”.  There is a convenience fee for this service only if you choose to put money on your child’s account.
We also have envelopes available to send money in for a student’s lunch account.  If you have more than one student they can all be put in one envelope.   Please always mark the student’s full name and amount you would like in each account.  You can check your student’s account at the student portal on the school website with their student number.
Students that receive a free or reduced lunch can receive a free or reduced breakfast also.  Students who participate in the free and reduced meal program are not identified in any way.  If your student receives free meals, and they pack their lunch they will be charged $.50 for milk.  Milk is only free when they receive a full reimbursable meal from the cafeteria.
Applications for Free/Reduced meals are included in this newsletter.  Applications can be sent in throughout the school year.  They are available in both offices, the cafeteria and on the school website.   
Charging Policy:  As we know it is easy to forget to always remember to add money to your student’s account.  We allow 3 meal charges and then your student will receive an alternate lunch.  Please remember to check their lunch accounts.  
Allergies:   Please remember to have a doctor’s note for any allergies to milk or other foods.  ODE requires me to have a note on file from the doctor EACH school year.  Please get them in asap.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at [email protected] or at 419-264-7225.Thank you for choosing school meals!     

Lori Clady, Food Service Director
Contact Info:
PHONE: 419-264-7225
FAX: 419-264-1965 
Breakfast & Lunch Pricing

Lunch Prices

    Breakfast                                                                          Lunch

K - 12    $1.60                                                                      K-5  $2.70

Reduced $.30                                                                     6-8   $2.75
Extra Milk $.50                                                                   9-12  $2.80
                                                                                            Adults $3.75
                                                                                            Reduced $.40

Charging Policy:  Students are allowed to charge up to 3 regular lunches and then they will received an alternate lunch. No lunch will be given after 3 alternate lunches.  Please add money to you students account if they wish to purchase ala carte items. Please remember to check their lunch accounts.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 
Online Payment for Meals
Breakfast & Lunch Menus