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 We recognize that not all families will be ready to send their children back to school. So, we plan to have a more limited curriculum available online through our virtual learning program, NOVA.  We will be flexible as the school year begins to allow families to determine which option works best for their children. We certainly acknowledge that there will be differences between the online curriculum and the more robust in-person curriculum, but we will assist students with the transition to the best of our ability. If you select the online option, you must commit to that option for at least one quarter at a time. Changes to your instructional preference must take place at the end of a nine weeks or semester unless there is a medical or family emergency that necessitates that change. The District employs a Virtual Learning Instructor, Mr. Mohr, who can be of assistance to families who elect the online option.  Parents choosing the virtual learning option must complete the online form on this webpage by August 14, 2020.

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